Fatal Accidents Lawyer

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Fatal Accidents

Losing a family member in an accident can be one of the most difficult things to accept, especially if his or her death could have been prevented. You need a lawyer to hold the negligent party accountable for your loved one’s death.

My name is Curtis P. Leonard, and I handle wrongful death suits for people in Florida who have lost family members because of something someone else should have prevented. I have handled cases involving:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Construction accidents
  • Water accidents

Victims of wrongful death include the families left behind. Whether you lost the person who made your primary income or someone whose potential was untapped because of his or her age, you have suffered a great loss. I know that money will never replace that person in your life. It will help pay funeral expenses, bills and help you and your family survive the economic consequences of your loss.

Wrongful Death Claims Attorney

Fatal Accidents

I will sit down with you and listen to the events surrounding your loved one’s death. I will gather all reports, any medical records and witness statements. I will interview witnesses further if I need to. I will examine everything to see where there is fault on the part of the negligent party. If fault lies with more than one party, I will seek justice on all accounts. I will do my best to maximize your award so that you are properly compensated for your loss.

Respectful Of Your Feelings, Sympathetic To Your Situation

I decided to return to practice law where I grew up because I wanted to help the people I cared about most. I know our community and how it is affected by the loss of one of its members. I also understand what you are going through and how it impacts your life. I will always be respectful of your loss. I care about what happens to you, and I will fight for you until you are happy with the result.

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