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Animal Bite Victims LawyerAnimal Bite Victims Lawyer

Animal Bite Victims

External scars aren’t the only result of an animal attack. People may live in fear of that type of animal for the rest of their lives. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and require counseling to be able to walk past the neighbor’s house or visit a friend with an animal of the same kind or breed. If this has happened to you, you need a lawyer to help you fight for your best interests.

Our Attorneys help people who have been bitten by animals get the money they need to heal their scars, inside and out. I have handled cases involving bites from:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Cows

Dog Bite Injuries Attorney

One of the main concerns in animal bite cases is whether or not the owner of the animal has an exclusion clause in his or her homeowner insurance policy. You need my help to conduct an asset valuation on the animal owner before you decide whether or not to sue.

I will review the circumstances of the attack and check with animal control to see if there have been previous incidents of this animal hurting others. I will interview witnesses, and I will help you find a doctor and/or therapist who can help you with your injuries. I put you and your interests first, and I will fight until you are happy with the results.

Animal Bite Victims

Real World Experience From A Local Perspective

I returned to central Florida to practice law after I had completed my studies because I wanted to help the people I care about most, the people I grew up with. Because I understand our community, I know the best ways to apply the law to a given situation.

Insurance companies always claim they will help when an accident happens, but they are really out to protect their own bottom lines. I will be your zealous advocate, working hard to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents LawyerSlip-And-Fall Accidents Lawyer

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

A fall from tripping on a poorly maintained sidewalk or slipping because of a spill that no one cleaned up can have lasting effects. You need a lawyer who will stand up for your best interests when property owners fail to maintain their premises.

My name is Curtis P. Leonard, and I represent people who have suffered because of premises liability in central Florida. I have handled many of these slip-and-fall or similar cases, including accidents involving:

  • Poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Poorly maintained parking lots
  • Poorly maintained stairs
  • Bad lighting
  • Bad security
  • Amusement parks
  • Animal bites

Insurance companies claim they want to help you recover from an accident but they will never give you what you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages and future treatment expenses. I will negotiate on your behalf to get what you need to heal fully or to compensate you for any permanent injury you may have suffered.

Amusement Park Injuries Attorney

Many people are injured while visiting Florida’s wide variety of amusement parks. You may be offered free lifetime passes or tickets to Spring Training while sitting in the first aid room in trade for signing your rights away there and then. Your future well-being is far more important than being able to limp around your favorite amusement park for free.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Standing Up For “My People”

I returned to the area I grew up in because I wanted to protect the people I cared about most. I will sit down with you and review what happened when you were injured. I will be completely honest with you about your situation and what I can do for you. I will tell you how things really work in the personal injury process. Together we will establish your goals and figure out the best ways to meet them.

I will take over all communication with the insurance company so that you can concentrate on getting better. I will be by your side from the day you sign the contract to the day we resolve your case. I care about what happens to you, and I will fight until you are satisfied with the results.

Traffic Offenses LawyerTraffic Offenses Lawyer

Traffic Offenses

A traffic ticket seems more likely to ruin your day than anything, but it can have serious consequences, depending on the circumstances. You can’t afford to lose your license. You need a lawyer who will protect your driving privileges.

My name is Curtis P. Leonard, and I help people handle their traffic offenses here in south Texas. I handle a variety of criminal defense cases, including:

  • Drunk driving (DUI)
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Speeding tickets
  • No valid driver’s license
  • No proof of insurance
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Auto accidents
  • Department of motor vehicle hearings

The Villages Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

If you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI, you will be required to take a field sobriety test. If you are arrested, you will be subject to a breath test. If you refuse the breath test, your license is automatically suspended.

You can request a hearing for a hardship license so that you are still able to get to work, take your kids to school and run necessary household errands. I can attend the Department of Motor Vehicles hearing for you to make your case for a hardship license.

Traffic Offenses

I will work diligently to prevent your insurance rates from going up, help you avoid traffic school and have the points against your license withheld. I will press to have the charges against you dropped.

Experience With The System And Understanding Of The Community

I grew up here so I decided to practice in south Texas because I wanted to serve the people who mattered to me the most.

I worked for the Lake County Public Defender’s Office, and I helped to create their early intervention and resolution program. Because of this, I have extensive trial experience. I know the system you are up against and I will defend your rights. I prepare every case for trial so that the prosecution knows I am serious.

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