Curtis P Leonard

Curtis P. Leonard, P.A. is dedicated to fight for people rather than large corporations or the government with the simple philosophy that people should not suffer because of the greed of the sovereign.

As a personal injury attorney Mr. Leonard’s true belief in this cause guarantees that his client’s happiness comes before his own monetary gain and therefore he stands aggressively for the people who suffer through little or no fault of their own.  Mr. Leonard is a criminal defense attorney who is available to speak twenty-four hours a day seven days a week unless he is in court, deposition, or a client meeting, and in that case his staff is eagerly waiting to make sure that he will return your call within a few short hours.

Although Mr. Leonard prefers areas of law where he has the right to a jury trial, The Law Office of Curtis P. Leonard, P.A. will give free consultations on any area of law in which Mr. Leonard feels comfortable to do so. The right to jury trials primarily consist of criminal law and “tort law” which usually are generically referred to by its most common grounds of negligence. Negligence is mainly comprised of personal injury, products liability and medical malpractice.

Mr. Leonard is always is willing to give free consultations for any type of legal topic or case and provides more Pro Bono work than he should according to his economic advisors. As many attorney’s proclaim that they are “local attorneys” and “Trial Attorneys”, Mr. Leonard is true local trial attorney, and begs that you question before you as a perspective client go with another firm, to ask the attorney working your case, if you get a chance to actually speak with them, how long have you lived here, how much trial experience do you have, what ties do you have to our community, are you willing to negotiate our fee agreement, and then call us for the real thing.